What’s the difference between Meta BM ID and WABA ID?

The Case

A Meta Business Manager ID (Meta BM ID) and a WhatsApp Business Account ID (WABA ID) are 2 different IDs. You need to have both to use WhatsApp for your business.

Steps To Take

Step 1: Open a business portfolio in Meta Business Manager

Before getting the WABA ID you’ll need to follow the procedure to open a business portfolio in Meta Business Manager. This will generate a business ID, called Meta Business Manager ID. More information on the exact steps can be found in the Meta Business Help Center

Step 2: Proceed with opening the WhatsApp Business Account ID

Once you have a Meta Business Manager ID you can open a WhatsApp Business Account, which will give you a WhatsApp Business Account ID. You can check for the detailed steps on our Signup process page

Mar 14th, 2024
1 min read